Purchase of wood

We offer purchase of timber

Purchase of wood

We offer purchase of timber, both finished range of products and uncut forest.

We purchase raw material of all trees. We have a wide capacity of own technology, both logging and shipping. We are always able to provide prompt lumbering and transport, which is currently decisive in calamitous conditions. We work within the whole Czech Republic. 

We are one of the biggest logging and shipping companies in Europe and we are always able to offer you current market prices. We pay quickly and reliably.  

At the same time we are individually able to offer complex services, including silvicultural activities, processing grants and consulting activities within the forestry. 

In case of your interest please contact:

Contact person

Ing. Richard Vopravil
Phone: +420 731 294 599
E-mail: vopravil@firma-petra.cz 

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